Q: How much does your service cost?
Absolutely nothing! You will pay just the price of your vacation; there are no additional charges for our services. In many cases, we can find additional discounts and promotions that you may not know about.

Q: How does your service work?
All you have to do is simply contact us via email or phone! We will collect some initial information and then provide you with a quote. At that time, we will let you know all of the available booking options, collect any additional information needed, and and we will get your vacation planned and booked!

Q: Who will charge my credit card when my reservation is made?
This depends on what kind of vacation you are booking. The supplier your booking is with will charge your credit card, not Sand ‘n Sea Adventures. For example, if you book a Walt Disney World vacation, you will incur a charge from Disney Destinations.

Q: What services do you offer?
As a travel agency, we provide you with information and help our clients make travel arrangements for business or leisure travel. We can coordinate your airline flights, hotel reservations, cruise bookings, and more! We can offer you advice and answer common travel questions such as weather conditions, things to do and see, currency exchange rates, and what required documents you will need during your trip.

Q: Why should I use you instead of other popular travel websites?
The internet is a very powerful and useful tool. However, the internet is massive.  In order to make it work for you effectively, you need to understand where to look, as well as, what questions and search terms to use.  Otherwise, hours of your time can be wasted doing research and ultimately producing unsatisfactory results.This is where Sand ‘n Sea Adventures comes in!

As a travel agency, we are here to work with you throughout the entire process of researching and booking your next trip. We take classes, attend seminars, and become destination specialists in order to ensure that we are capable of making your travel experience as personalized, convenient, and memorable as possible. Simply put, the internet cannot replace the one on one personal attention you will receive from us.  Additionally, we are here to address your concerns and assist you should a problem arise during your travels.

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